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Mr. Sultan A Q Khan, Chairman
Institute of Business and Economics,
Zahoor Ellahi Road,
Gulberg IV, Lahore - Pakistan

Stewart House, 32 Russell Sq
London WC 1B 5DN, UK
Tel: +44(0)20 7862 8407
Fax: +44 (0)207862 8383
Michael Davis
Institutions Liaison Manager

Dated: 26 July 2006

To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to confirm that on the above date, representatives of Institute of Business and Economics (IBE), Lahore, met with staff at the University of London with regard to IBE providing tuition and learning support to External students of the University of London from this year, registered for undergraduate study in the fields of Business, Banking, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management and Law.

As you may know, on successful completion of a programme of study via the University’s External Programme, students will be awarded a University of London degree, having been examined to the same standard as students studying at one of the Colleges of the University, here in London.

Whilst our programmes have been designed so that students can study independently, we recognize that many students benefit greatly from studying at an institution, in a classroom environment. In view of this, the University of London has no objection to the involvement of private institutions in the provision of teaching. Nevertheless, it remains the choice of the students whether or not to apply to a local institution for tuition. External students are not obliged to study in this way, but elect to do so by personal choice. There are now over 200 institutions in 45 countries that offer a range of services to our External students as they prepare for examination.

The relationship typically enjoyed between the University of London and these institutions is of an informal nature, and does not constitute an affiliation with the University of London. However, the University of London pleased to offer them administrative and academic guidance and support where appropriate, as they guide our students within the framework of our qualification syllabuses.

For further information about the programme and the institutions offering tuition support to University of London External students, please do not hesitate to contact me, or visit our website at

Thank you for your interest in the External Programme.


Yours sincerely,


Michael Davis
Manager, Institutions Liaison