International Scholarship Program (Road Map)


Road Map for the International Studies and Scholarships Program

First Quarter Aug 08 2013 to Nov 08 2013

  • Collecting and organizing (region and country wise) lists of all international higher educational institutions – collection of data through internet –lead time – fifteen (15) days – lead person – Nauman.
  • Collecting and organizing lists of all international doers those provide financial aid for the higher education -collection of data through internet – lead time – fifteen (15) days.
  • Collecting and organizing lists of all accredited Online Business Schools around the world – lead time fifteen (15) days – lead person - Nauman.
  • All the necessary data pertaining to international educational institutions including online business schools to be uploaded – lead time ten (10) days – lead person – Web Developer.
  • Formal business communication and establishing preliminary association (email, phone) with all the prospective international educational institutions and potential donors lead time – fifteen (15) days from the completion of Web Portal – lead person – Nauman
  • First Scholarship materialized – within 30 days of starting the dialogue with potential donors – lead person – Nauman.