Makkah is Center of Earth

The Prophet (P.B.U.H) stated: makkah is the city loved by Great Allah (Swt)

In January 1977, scientists discovered that Makkah is situated in the centre of the earth. This is scientifically proved to be the centre of earth, there is a Hadith by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) he says that it was the first place created, the hadith says that the earth was completely immersed in water and then God caused the land that carry the Kabba to appear, this Hadith is supported by science.

Dr. Hussain Al-sayed, while trying to fix the times of the prayer in the major cities across the world, found out that makkah is the centre of circle whole circumferences passed by all the world continents, the same fact has been stressed by a research done by professor. Alwazeri, this research was scientifically agreed on by a large number of scientists who attended the yearly Islamic forum in Saudi Arabia; according to the theory of the plate tectonics all the earth platelets point to the Arabian platelet, which carries Makkah, where the Kaaba is evidence to the same fact.

 The proportion of distance between Makkah and North Pole to the distance between Makkah and South Pole is exactly 1.618 which is the golden mean. Moreover, the proportion of the distance between South Pole and makkah to the distance between both poles is again 1.618.

Allah states in Surah Al-e-Imran, Ayat # 96:
“96-the first house set up for the people are surely the one in Makkah having blessings and guidance for all the worlds.”