Why Choose CBA

CBA is Pakistan's oldest private business education college, offering a staggering 150 courses. (Write the number what you think appropriate)
Students choose CBA for all sorts of reasons.
Study in the Heart of Pakistan

Some students come to CBA because they’re seeking a rigorous academic experience in small classes with top lecturers and professors. Others come looking for an education with its commitment to rapid changes to the IT excellent learning. Some students choose CBA because we’re one of the most diverse institutions in Lahore, Pakistan. Some come to take advantage of the many international opportunities we offer. CBA offers very affordable cost of learning. And of course, some come to us because we’re the College of Business Administration. 
No matter why they choose CBA, the students who find themselves here receive the finest and most rigorous education available, no matter what they study. Offer over 10 degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate level, yet maintain an average class size of just 20 students. But classroom learning is only part of the story. Located in the center of one of the Pakistan’s most dynamic city, Lahore. 
We challenge our students to use their education to make a difference — to shape a better world for their future.