Gratitude to Strathclyde



Thanks to the great Strathclyde University. I have been thinking about the Strathclyde University Glasgow for many years. The Strathclyde Business School left indelible imprints on my personality.

The University has given me so much which is not measureable, “An expression of deep respect and appreciation”.

I on behalf of the Board of Governors, the faculty, administrative staff and community of Cibians are grateful to the entire management of the University.

It is estimated that above 150, 000 students have benefited from the experience and entrepreneur skills learnt at Strathclyde University, which has become my thinking process. This educating process will continue from generation to generation; rather it has become global from National.

I have no words to explain my beautiful stay at Strathclyde Business School and the learning environment and all type of world class supporting facilities provided to the students which explored the hidden potential of the students.

I can never forget my teachers Mr. Hunt, Mr. David Livingston, Dr. Susan Heart, Mr. Barrymore, Mr. Macdarment, Mr. Steeve young, Dr. James Bakers and Prof. Thomas, the Director of the Programme. They have been in my best memories since I left Strathclyde University after completing my education. I am also very much thankful to Kristine Donald, Departmental Secretary for her efficient, cooperative and kind behaviour.

I miss all of them very much, their contribution continues in education and being multiplied each day. This has been a challenge for entire mankind to educate them and to convert them into decent and wealth-creators to reduce poverty and hopelessness among the mankind.
God bless all of them with His never ending mercy and bounties.

Students in Pakistan benefited immeasurable benefits and expertise through me which Strathclyde University gifted.

In the end, I pay my deeper gratitude to Dr. Graham hill, the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the Strathclyde University and other member of the team.

Long Live Strathclyde University.


Sultan A.Q. Khan