International Scholarship

Introduction to the International Scholarship Program

Our services to our alumni and all other students under the said Program are as follows:

1)      Full Tuition Fee Scholarships
2)      Partial Tuition Fee
3)      Full Fee Scholarship with living allowance
4)      Full Fee Scholarship with living allowance with travel expenses
5)      Admission in any of the Renowned International College / University as per student’s credentials.


1.      To facilitate all eligible and under privileged students to get Scholarship / Financial Aid so they have equal playing field and they reach their natural potentials and become change makers for society (one hundred students (100) / month, arrangement of Scholarships / financial aid from Educational Institutions from around the globe / Governments / International  Donors).
2.      To assist our alumni and students from all over the country in finding right institution for advanced studies so they become more effective at their job places and gain the ability to create more opportunity for others (five hundred (500) students / month, Target Group – CBA Alumni, Undergraduate students of all Pakistani Colleges, Graduating students from all Pakistani Universities).