Certificate Courses

Android Programming

This course equips students with techniques to develop mobile based applications using the Android platform. It also introduces various challenges that are faced by a typical mobile application developer and presents with various solutions. Participants will build their own complete Android application incorporating most of the key aspects of the platform.

Course Contents:

·         Android Overview:·          

o    Android Overview

o    History

o    Android Versions


The Stack:·          

o    Stack Overview

o    Linux

o    Native Libraries

o    Dalvik

o    App Framework

o    Applications


Quick Start:·          

o    Installing SDK

o    Hello, World!

o    The Emulator


Main Building Blocks:·          

o    Main Building Blocks Overview

o    A Real World Example

o    Activities

o    Intents

o    Services

o    Content Providers

o    Broadcast Receivers

o    Application Context