Indebted to PSBA, MANILA



After completing my Masters Degree from Strathclyde University School which groomed my personality and polished my skills and in return realized education is very important to boost up the skills of the people to explore countless opportunities. 

The second step involved to seek assistance to run education at institution in Pakistan. In the early 19s, Ishaq Khan, then the President of Pakistan, motivated the vision to come forward in the private sector to open higher educational institutions in the private sector. 

There was no private sector, college or University, offering MBA and informational sciences and other professional courses in Pakistan. This further motivated me to contact more than 150 Universities, business Schools worldwide. This further motivated me. It was revealed that there was 96% literacy rate in the public of Philippines and the Universities and Business Schools had long-standing experience in imparting the business and its related Programmes at Degree level. One of my friends Dr. Idrees who did his doctorate Programme from University of Manila, further inspired me to search institution for educational tie up. 

However, I was in Manila and was luckily guided by the Dean of the University East in Manila to see the Philippine School of Business Administration Authorities for sharing my concepts with them. The Philippines School of Business Administration enjoys very good reputation. 

I was able to convince the higher authorities of PSBA, Manila to assist us in Implementation of my Vision who agreed upon after visiting our institution (CBA) in Lahore Pakistan. 

I pay my gratitude and high respect to the expertise provided by PSBA, Manila at a point of time where in our own governmental system for private education was disowned to offer higher education in the private sector. The assistance of PSBA further became a symbol and motivation across Pakistan in strengthening the private sector higher education. To my point of view, there is no one who could deliver such services and expertise as PSBA has done and our own students have opened up Schools, Colleges and Universities across Pakistan and UK. 

I am very much thankful to Dr. Jose F. Pearalta, the President of Philippine School of Business Administration, the Dean Lopez, Dr. Absolo and Dr. Benjman for their professional support and high quality expertise extended to us and the Pakistani people have directly benefited from their services. 

It is pointed out that Dr. Jose F. Prealta is a God loving and God fearing person and Dean Lopez, exhibited fatherly affections to me and to the entire management of CBA. They are the people who are never forgotten and imprint of their service upon our mind will continue from generation to generation. God will give them reward for their kindness and best conduct towards a Muslim community which highlights their divine understanding.


Sultan A.Q. Khan